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 CYPRUS - Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

LANIA                            =

Restaurant / 3  x cafe's - big screen TV. / coffee shop / craft

 shop / several artists studios/ quaint narrow streets /

church /lenos/ olive press museum./ Post.Office/

 early morning grocery store.

Trimiklini village- 5 mins north.

The village of Trimiklini is built in the largest valley of Cyprus and is located 27 km from Limassol, between Limassol and Troodos Mountain. Since many years ago it was used as  a stop over for a rest.Continuous high mountaintops surround the village with the highest mountain being mount Zalaka, with the exception of a large ravine, on the South side of the community, which is watered by the crystal clear water of Kouris River. The village is constructed in a way, which makes it impossible to be viewed as a whole from one spot.

The villagers are occupied by tree and vineyard cultivation. The largest production in percentage is that of peaches, nectarines, pears and plums. Wine and zivania are also well known, traditionally made products of the village.

Limassol things to Do

Fairs & Festivals: Two major festivals of Cyprus are held in Limassol, one is the Carnival which takes place six weeks before Easter and is a parade of cheerful and amusing masquerades, and the second is in September where Limassol celebrates the Dionysios Wine Festival, jointly sponsored by the major wine and beer cellars.

Things to do during your holidays in Limassol

Ladies Mile Beach: The famous Ladies Mile beach is to be found near the New Limassol Port and is only a 10-15 minute drive from Limassol Town centre. Here you can take a long lazy walk down the sandy beach as the sand runs for miles or enjoy its clear blue waters. The water here is shallow and very clear, so it's safe for kids. Ladies Mile beach is also one of the most popular windsurfing places on the island due to its flat shallow water.

Curium Beach: This one is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island as its waters are wild and wavy whereas the beach is a perfect place to relax. The ancient Roman Curium Amphitheatre, which has been rebuilt, is directly above the Curium beach. This beach is also a popular sailing spot but can get overcrowded with swimmers, so you can always choose to do hand-gliding!

Pissouri Beach: This beach is situated in the picturesque village of Pissouri. The beach is a sandy one and the waters are clean and warm. During the summer you can find various water sports facilities and there is also a small diving school for scuba diving. After playing around at the beach you can enjoy a local speciality in one of the many tavernas along the beach.

Sporting Activities

There is a wide range of sports you can do while visiting Limassol. You can choose between football, volleyball, tennis and even go horse riding. There is also a very nice golf course in Limassol for golfers and beginners alike. But if you are on the beach, it's worth taking advantage of the water-sports, such as jet-ski, snorkelling or just lay back on a pedalo.

Places of Interest

Famagusta: Here you can view Famagusta, the Ghost Town of Cyprus, with its deserted hotels, homes and its ruined lemon trees and farmland. You can also see in the distance the beautiful bay of Famagusta and the mountain range of Pentathaktilos. Since 1974 when the Turks invaded, this town has remained in the shadows silent and lifeless waiting its legal citizens to come back.

Cape Kiti and Amathus: The long stretch of coastline between Larnaca to Limassol is comparatively unspoiled by tourist development, except in the immediate neighbourhood of the two towns themselves. From one coastal road to the other there are many places of intereste to be seen.

Kolossi Castle: About ten kilometres west of Limassol, you will find the Kolossi Castle which was the Commandery of the Knights Templar, and later of the Knights Hospitaller. Kolossi withstood sieges by Genoese and Mameluke invaders. Apart from the central keep, there are the relics of a basilica, a sugar-cane factory and an aqueduct. Fleur-de-lys symbols are carved on walls and fireplaces, and the entrance hall of the keep has a wall painting of the crucifixion.

Kourion and the Sanctuary of Apollo: Here you will experience a pure taste of Ancient Greeks and Romans at the dramatic cliff top city of Kourion and the well-preserved Sanctuary of Apollo.

Kykkos Monastery: On this tour Kykkos Monastery is the main attraction, widely known as in February of 1997 the Icon of the Virgin Mary wept for a whole month! Thousands of Cypriots gathered to witness this miracle and they will go on talking about it for years to come. Kykkos was founded by the Byzantines in 1092 and is now the wealthiest Monastery in Cyprus.

Aphrodite, Adonis and Hercules: There are the remnants of the Acropolis which was a hilltop fortress, and the Agora, the main marketplace, as well as temples to the ancient Gods Aphrodite, Adonis and Hercules. From the soon after era, there's a Roman bath-house, an early Christian basilica and marble columns carved with a complex spiral pattern. The main archaeological site overlooks the sea two miles east of Limassol.

PLATRES                        = 15 mins.
Several restaurants /banks /shop/chocolate factory/waterfalls /walking routes./tourist info / bike hire.

TROODOS SQUARE            = 30 mins.

LIMASSOL (lemesos)           = 20 mins.
Town - Port - Beach.-Shopping Mall.

               = 1 hour.

LARNACA                       = 1 hour.
NICOSIA (lefkosia)            = 1 hour.


Take a trip into the mountains for a refreshing break from the heat of the coast . Rising up to 1951 meters above sea level, the Troodos mountain range provides panoramic views.
Charming villages , some with cobbled streets and preserved folk architecture, nestle on terraced slopes, amid vineyards and orchards of almond, hazelnut and cherry trees.
Take some time to organise a visit to some Byzantine art in many of the painted churches of Cyprus, ten of which are located in the Troodos area, and are on the World Heritage List.
The slopes of Troodos mountains is one of the main vine growing regions, everywhere you go you will see an abundance of vineyards that haven't changed for centuries.
Cyprus wines are unique , with a range to sample on your travels around, from the very sweet
"COMMANDARIA" to the very good dry red, white and rose wine for every occasion and palate. 

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